basic REntal

(birthday parties, meetings, etc.)

Basic Rental includes Café area only. Includes use of tables, chairs, seating and sound system in café.

Does not include rec. room(gym), snack bar, music room, workout room, office, computer lab, archery room or extra tables/chairs.

$75/ 2hrs.

$100/ 3hrs

  • Requires a $75 cleaning/damage deposit at time of rental which will be returned upon acceptance of clean and damage free facility after the rental.
  • Add Rec. Room (gym) for $50
  • 2hrs Basic + Rec. Rm. = $125 total
  • 3hrs Basic + Rec. Rm.  = $150 total

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All Day REntal

Includes use of Café as described in Basic Rental and Rec. Room . Music Room may be used for certain uses as discussed in advance. Does not include stage equipment, workout room, office or archery room. Includes use of additional tables / chairs as needed and scheduled in advance.

$250 / day

  • Requires a $75 cleaning/damage deposit at time of rental which will be returned upon acceptance of clean and damage free facility after the rental.





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additional options

In addition to Basic and/or All Day Rental fees


  • Stage/Sound System: $75/day
  • Archery Room/Equip.: $75*/day
  • GaGa Ball Pit: $25*/day
  • Snack Bar: $25 / 2 hrs. plus cost of snacks/drinks



  • *Additional Waivers required for use of certain items.





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You must contact us to discuss open dates BEFORE submitting your online payment. 

Facility Rental / Use Form and Agreement
SUBMISSION OF PAYMENT IMPLIES AGREEMENT TO THE FOLLOWING FACILITY USE AGREEMENT: Center of the Mark Ministries, Inc. Center for Teens Event Space Rental Agreement This contract for the rental of a venue is made this day, by and between Center of the Mark Ministries, Inc., hereafter referred to as the Owner, and above named renter hereafter referred to as the Renter. Whereas, the Renter desires to temporarily rent, occupy, and make use of the Owner’s venue, located at 343 West 3rd Street Russellville, Ky. and known as The Center for Teens and Whereas, the Owner agrees to such rental, occupation, and use in consideration of certain payments and covenants herein enumerated; Now, therefore, the parties agree to the following terms and conditions: 1. The Renter shall pay to the Owner the sum of the agreed upon rental fee plus a $75 security/cleaning deposit. 3. The $75 deposit is for cleaning/damages/security deposit which will be returned to the Renter upon settlement, minus any charges for actual damages or lack of cleaning done to the venue by Renter and/or his/her associates. 4. The Renter shall have access to and use of the venue during the time period approved in advance by The Center for Teens management for the purpose of hosting the Renter’s event. Owner will provide to Renter a keycode and other items necessary to give Renter such access no later than one day before the rental date and no earlier than five days before rental date. 5. Within 48 hours of the rental period’s expiration, Renter shall tender to Owner any keys and/or other access control devices in his/her possession. 6. Renter shall remove, at the end of rental period, all personal property, trash, decorations, and other items that were not present in the venue when Renter took control of it. 7. Renter is not to move any equipment or furnishings other than that previously agreed to by the owner in advance of rental. Any damage occurring from moving equipment / furnishings will be the responsibility of the renter. Upon Renter’s completion of his/her obligations under (4) and (5) above, the Owner shall return to Renter the security deposit minus any amounts deemed necessary to repair damages inflicted upon the venue by Renter and/or Renter’s associates, guests, invitees, contractors, and all other persons whatsoever who enter the venue during the rental period, whether or not such persons did so with Renter’s knowledge or consent. 8. In the event that Renter and/or his/her associates cause damage to the venue above and beyond what the security deposit covers the cost of, then the Renter shall be liable to pay any and all damages and cost of repairs due to that damage. Damages shall be paid within 30 days of end of rental period. Renter shall also be liable to owner for any legal fees, court costs, and other expenses associated with collection of fees and/or damages. 9. Renter will be liable for any physical damages, legal actions, and/or loss of reputation or business opportunities that Owner may incur as a consequence of the actions of Renter or any of Renter’s guests while Renter is in control of the venue, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Owner against any and all legal actions which may arise from Renter’s use of the venue. 10. Absolutely NO ALCOHOLIC beverages of any kind are allowed to be consumed or present on the property for any reason during the rental. If it is determined that alcohol is present during the rental, then the rental will be terminated immediately with no refund of any type including deposits. 11. Absolutely no inappropriate music shall be played inside or outside of the building or anywhere on the property during the rental. Any music that contains explicit lyrics, cursing, foul language or lyrics promoting drugs or alcohol, and/or sexual content will not be allowed on the property. We are a Christian ministry and such music would have an adverse effect on our reputation as a ministry therefore would be a violation of rule number 9 above also. If we hear inappropriate music or have it reported to us, then the rental will be terminated at that time and all guests asked to leave the facility. 11. No gambling or illegal activity of any kind allowed on the property during the rental. If it is determined that any illegal activities are taking place the rental will terminated immediately with no refund of any kind including deposits and the appropriate authorities will be notified. 12. Any disputes arising under this contract shall be adjudicated in the Owner’s local jurisdiction. *Submission of this form indicates agreement to the above conditions.
$ 0.00


*Please READ THE AGREEMENT in its entirety as it will be a binding agreement upon submission of this form.

*You must also come by The Center for Teens during our open hours during the week before your rental to receive your keycode and to be shown how everything works.